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Being a professional organizer at in.orde means so much more than just decluttering other people's houses or spaces. Organizing, decluttering and structuring are the means that lead you to the true goal of professional organizing, which is finding peace. Peace in your house, peace in your working space, but also peace and ease in your head. And creating time. Isn't that something we all eagerly look for: peace and some time? Time to spend with others, or some me-time. No matter what kind of time or peace you are looking for, if you have your daily matters efficiently organized, time and peace will come automaticaly. And helping you on how to efficiently organize your daily stuff, that is what in.orde does. Together with in.orde you can create a system to organize your stuff, paper or time in a more efficient way. This can be decluttering or organizing certain rooms or spaces, in your house or working space, that make you feel stressed. But also paper can make you feel stressed and unfocused: your working space which is stacked with paper files, piles and piles of other paper stuff which make your office actually look like a storage room, and so on. Working efficiently and focused in spaces like that is simply impossible. When we do an organizing session together, we are not just going to tidy your stuff or paperwork. Before we start, we will figure out what exactly the difficulties are, and we set up a system which works for you, tailor made, whilst making sure that that system is sustainable, efficient and transparant for you and your family or co-workers or ... Because everybody deserves a calm environment and a head at ease. Like that more time is saved for the more important things in live, because isn't that what we all want?
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