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May I have the pleasure to introduce Stan: the standing desk that can be fully customized to your personal taste and height.

Stan is 100% Belgian, has an elegant design and is produced in an eco-friendly way.

He is born and created in our (Antwerp) Start-up Twikit, where we are all too well acquainted with the downsides of a sitting job. Stan can start a change and we would love to people to know.

Every person is unique, so why not make every product unique? Stan can be fully personalized by adding your company logo, fitted to your unique height, your favorite color, and more.

Even for flex desks and co-working spaces we have a solution: next to the perfect body fit, we also offer Stan in 3 different sizes. In this way a single Stan can be used by people with different heights.

Our aim is to inspire and motivate people to be aware of the importance of good ergonomics during daily activities. Our standing desk increases the energy level and stimulate body movement.

Why not joining the revolution? Stand with us!

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