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Stoofstraat 9
2000, Antwerpen
+32 32 496 93 92 05
House of APE House of APE Antwerpen

Venture Builder

skills icon Communication, Creative Thinking, Business Intelligence
job type icon Job type: Fulltime
profession icon Profession: Project Management
industrie icon Industry: Consultancy
House of APE Antwerpen, België

Have something extraordinary to offer?

Are you the wacko venture builder that wants to challenge and accelerate corporate ventures in the most complex innovation struggles? Then, this is your lucky day!


Responsibilities you take with pride:

  • Brainstorm and challenge corporate venture strategies
  • Create and pitch kickass presentations to corporate management boards
  • Invent and lead innovation sprints
  • Collaborate with network agencies and experts
  • Switch between several projects
  • Sketch out customer journeys in visual scenario’s
  • Assemble and co-drive a corporate venture team
  • Wireframe start-up stories and challenge business models


The innovation entrepreneur we’re aiming for:

  • You’re hungry and driven
  • A real passion for innovation
  • Eager to mix a corporate and start-up mindset
  • Your social skills can handle and even inspire the most furious management meeting
  • You are a future thinker, you stay ahead of the herd
  • Energetic, hard-working, fun and a true team player
  • You know all about the latest tools to tackle service, product, business or experience driven innovation quests
  • You are familiar with the process to get from scratch to market traction
  • You know your way around as project manager: organizing, communicating, coordinating and budget monitoring is going to be part of your life
  • You have been living the startup life before or have one on the side? Sounds great!
  • You have the ability to prioritize in the blink of an eye
  • Failing forward, taking ownership & an entrepreneurial mindset are core values in your approach
  • Fluent in writing and speaking English


  • Backgrounds we’ve seen in this position before: service design, strategy design, industrial design, interaction design, innovation consultancy, change management, business design, etc.
  • Experience working on innovation related services at or for Corporates is a MUST
  • Experience creating and pitching personalized services propositions to Global 1000 customers
  • Previous experience in corporate startup processes and methodology

donderdag 20 februari 2020